Cold-Weather Accessories For Winter Walking


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Fleece leggings, puffer jackets, layers: It’s that time of the year. But while dressing for winter usually means dressing warm, piling on too much clothing or (worse not enough) can leave you sweating or shivering the minute you start moving.

Fortunately, choosing the right hats, gloves, socks and more doesn’t need to be a guessing game. We’ve rounded up the best picks for below-freezing days, options that keep you warm without overheating you on those chilly but tolerable mornings and items that carry you right through until spring when the temps start to rise.

Here, how to accessorize your winter walk, with picks listed from the warmest gear to the thinnest options Under Armour has to offer this season.

UA Storm Fleece Gaiter for Cold Weather

Gaiters aren’t just for the slopes — they can protect you against painful and potentially damaging windburn on a blustery walk, too. This one is lightweight and fast-to-dry but also repels snow and rain, keeping you dry and comfortable. It wicks sweat, too, meaning no matter how fast you move, you’ll stay dry.

UA Around Town Beanie

Whether you’re walking for fitness or walking your dog around the block, this stretchy knit hat with a warm, fleece interior helps maintain your body heat and keeps your head and ears dry and warm. It stands up against wind and winter’s coldest days but is stylish enough to tack onto any outdoor outfit.

Coldgear Infrared Fleece Gloves

Fingers can be one of the first body parts to feel the cold and nothing’s worse than freezing digits inside a glove. These gloves utilize infrared technology to absorb and help you retain your own body heat (Read: warm fingers), are made with super-soft brushed fleece and have a long wrist cuff so no part of your hand is exposed to the chill. Plus, a touch print allows you to access your devices without having to remove the gloves.

UA Charged Wool Boot Socks

On days calling for serious socks, wool dries much faster than traditional cotton. These wick sweat, contain anti-odor technology and have embedded arch support to keep you comfortable on longer walks or hikes.

UA Run Convertible Gloves

When temperatures fall between freezing cold and not warm enough — or your walk is just the distance that you work up a sweat without getting too hot — a convertible glove is a must. Pull the hood over your fingers for added warmth or let your hands breathe if you feel yourself heating up. They’re a good pick for dawn or dusk walks when the temperature and light change, since the gloves have reflective properties.

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