Home-Based Workout or Gym?


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Gym or Home-Based Workout? Which one works best for you?

Whether you’ve set an ambitious goal or you’re coming back from an injury that sidelined you for a few months (or years) or maybe you just want to start something different, find the best workout option for you will help you keep the motivation for a longer time and it will provide better results.

But what’s better for getting some traction: home workouts or joining a gym?

The concept of “better” is relative and it can vary depending on factors like your comfort level around others, what motivates you and even your current financial situation. This is the reason why it will be a good idea to take some time to compare your options and make sure you’re choosing the best fit for you.

Aaron Leventhal, certified strength and conditioning specialist, trainer and owner of Minneapolis-based Fit Studio affirms: “If you’re new to fitness or coming back after some time away, it can feel overwhelming to have so much choice,” says. “Before you sign up at a gym or pay for a streaming workout site, weigh the pros and cons of each, so you don’t end up paying for something you don’t use.”

Advantages and Disadvantages for each:


The big winner, in this case, is the home-based workout. Gyms can have some very attractive options when it comes to membership deals — but even then, streaming workout sites tend to be the more affordable choice, as long as you use them regularly. When you go to the gym you will have to think about what you are going to wear, besides the monthly or yearly membership. When you do your workout at home, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable to.


It’s tough to beat a gym if you want the widest variety of equipment — including items for functional fitness like kettlebells and medicine balls.  Be sure to compare gyms based on the availability of those options if any of those are a driving force for your decision-making.

The comfort level

Leventhal affirms: “Especially for beginners, comfort is key,” “There are a lot of roadblocks to exercise when you’re just starting out, and feeling self-conscious can be a huge one. Many times, it feels safer and less threatening to work out at home, so you can build a level of confidence that makes it easier to join a gym.”

Getting Sociable

Being around fellow exercisers can give you more motivation and engagement. When you’re confident enough to hit the gym, make sure you find the one with the right vibe for you. Yout motivation will surely thank you.

Furthermore, if you’re the type of person who easily gets distracted, it’s better to choose a gym. You won’t feel the need to clean the house, to answer another e-mail or to prepare lunch. Your motivation will thank you once again. “All movement is good movement,” says Leventhal. “The key is to find whichever place makes you look forward to working out and feeling like you want to keep progressing.”

What workout do you prefer? Home-Based workout or gym?

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