How Your Partner May Support You in Losing Weight


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The amount of support you get from your partner is essential for your success when it comes to losing weight. René Dailey, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies at The University of Texas at Austin affirms: “Not many couples are having in-depth conversations before tackling a weight-loss goal,”. Make your partner fully understand your efforts in order to get him to fully realize their role in your success.

Express your reasons clearly

Although you may think your goal is crystal clear, your partner may not clearly understand why you’re embarking on a new health journey. Just explain him/her until he/she gets it. Chris Gagliardi, ACE certified health coach and the weight-management specialist says: “Explain why it’s important to you and all the good things it can mean for your life together,”.

Show your motivation

Hand-written motivational quotes on your fridge, by your mirror and in other highly visible spots might help you and your partner to keep your motivation up. to help track your progress, you can also keep a weight loss and food journal. Your partner will easily recognize your efforts and his/her support will grow.

Fight for the same goal

Embarking on this journey together will be a great decision because your motivation will be stronger. But you need to get on the same page with how you’re going to accomplish it — or at least understand the others’ point of view. Dailey affirms: “In my research with people trying to lose weight, some partners had the same goal but still had a difficult time coordinating their efforts,”. You’ll have to be on the same page and don’t get influenced by a partner which is not as determined as you.

It’s not fair for one person to make the rules or expect the other to change. You’ll need to compromise. Dailey adds: “Find where your goals overlap and where they do not,”. Maybe that’s taking daily walks together but cooking separate meals. Find the balance that suits you best.

Replan the date night

The struggle to incorporate weight-loss goals into the existing relationship is another common barrier. Dailey points out: “It’s the question of do I go out with my partner on Friday night or do I prioritize my weight-loss goals and skip going out,”. Choose what’s best for you, but remember that you can have it both: lose weight and have a happy relationship. For example, build a fire and have a couple’s game night at home or watch a movie with a healthy snack rather than going out to a restaurant.

Share your needs

Think about how you feel most supported and what approach you value most. For example, Gagliardi recommends asking yourself these questions: Do you need your partner to listen to you complain? Do you need them to build you up and cheer you on? Be very clear and specific to your partner about what would work best for you. Express clearly what you need and discuss openly with your partner. Communication is the key to every problem, even in losing weight.

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