Livingroom Workout – How to Stay Motivated at Home


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Doing your workout at home will boost your motivation

Having mental and physical well-being is important for each one of us and we all know that a routine workout can help us achieve it. This is the theory that we accept and embrace, but it is so hard yo implement a workout routine that sticks. We have to get dressed, to go to gym, complete a work routine, clean ourselves up and after that to really start the day. This routine is especially frustrating during winter. If you’re discouraged by all these steps, we propose you get active in the comfort of your living room.

If you’ve got a new year’s resolution to move your body more, look no further than these tips for making it happen in the comfort of your very own home. 

The motivating playlist that boosts your energy

Get motivated by listening to your high-energy songs. They will get you moving. Every physical challenge is easier to face and embrace if you get your adrenaline flowing with energizing tunes.

Try bodyweight workouts if you have a small living room

You most likely have less space than you would need, but this isn’t a disadvantage. You can still use your space for daily workouts. To make up for the lack of space, concentrate on bodyweight exercises, as you need only a yoga mat. A good set of adjustable dumbbells is also a good choice if you want to vary the physical exercises but you don’t have enough space. This way you will have the whole gym next to you without having to worry about the storage space.

Do your workout while you watch your favorite TV show

Professional organizer Jamie Novak, author of Keep This Toss That: The Practical Guide to Tidying Up, says she tried just about everything to get herself off the couch to workout, from setting a reminder alarm to buying a cute pair of sneakers. “I found for me the only way to make myself do it is recording my favorite show and only allowing myself to watch it when I work out.”

Place your Yoga mat where you can see it

If you keep your gym equipment visible instead of storing it away, you’ll be more motivated to practice yoga or lift some weights. Place your yoga mat beside the TV. It will be your constant reminder to work out instead of staying comfortable on the couch. Another good idea will be to place your fitness equipment in key points of the house. Consider it a fitness trap. 🙂

Try YouTube workouts

If you don’t have video classes through a service like ClassPass, Selda suggests simply turning on YouTube instead! There’s no shortage of videos for just about any exercise you can think of. As a bonus, since they’re for a general audience, YouTube workout videos usually don’t require much extra equipment.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. Keep your good shape during winter by following these easy suggestions. Remember, your mental and physical well-being depends on your ability to make a routine and stick to eat.

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