Post-Workout Drinks That Keep You Hydrated


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Not many people enjoy drinking water. Its taste is somehow boring. But we need it to stay hydrated, especially after workouts, when we want to recover properly and maintain endurance.

You will be happy to know that water isn’t the only thing one can eat to stay hydrated. Here are ideas of drinks that help you recover and stay hydrated.

Watermelon water

Watermelon is a fruit with a high potassium content, lycopene, vitamin C, and of course, water. In fact, watermelon is 92 percent water. All of these benefits make watermelon a healthy choice. As you can’t eat a slice of watermelon immediately after a workout, watermelon water is a close second. Keep in mind that it has 60 calories in 8 ounces while sipping your new fave afternoon drink. That can add up quickly if you’re not paying attention.

Coconut Water

Being high potassium content, coconut water continues to be the top choice on the lists of healthy waters. Coconut water is found in the center of young, green coconuts. And these days you can found it in different alternatives: flavored with everything from mango to chocolate. (Watch the extra calories from added flavors!)

Coconut water can help prevent muscle cramps by providing adequate hydration and potassium, but it’s relatively low in sodium, which is an important electrolyte to replace after a hard workout. Your best bet is to pair coconut water with foods that contain potassium and sodium, such as a banana and peanut butter (not a no-salt version) or yogurt to help replenish after a heavy workout.

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice aids in anti-inflammatory response, decreases muscle damage and prevents strength loss.

Cherry juice not only decreased muscle damage but also significantly prevented strength loss when compared to a placebo shows a study from 2006.

Black and Green Tea

Trained male athletes found many benefits from drinking tea after completing intensive sprints according to a study from 2010. Tea, both green and black, can be effective in fat oxidation (the process of where fat are broken into smaller molecules that get stored and used for energy) during aerobic exercise and post-workout recovery, research shows.

Chocolate Carbs

Chocolate milk is a great choice for post-workout recovery. Consuming carbs after exercise replenishes the muscles by replacing the glycogen lost during a workout. Pair carbs with protein and you have the best recovery potential for tired muscles. Chocolate milk is high in water content can hydrate and replenish essential electrolytes, such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Post-workout hydration doesn’t have to be boring as you have seen in our tips. Do you have a favorite recovery drink? Would you try any of these?

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