What Fruits to Eat in a Keto Diet


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The keto diet raised in popularity lately. You may have heard that it is a diet that involves eating different kind of fats and eliminating cards. The carbs are used as fuel to using fat.

Vegetables are also OK in the keto diet, but it depends on what kind of vegetables. We advise you to ask for your doctor’s opinion before starting any new diet because you will exclude foods considered nutritious, including many fruits. Did you know that only 5% of our daily calories can come from carbohydrates?

Fruits can be tricky in a keto diet

One will need around 5 grams of carbs — or less — per day to keep levels of glucose (aka sugar) in the body low enough for it to run off fat and most of those carbs come from vegetables, dairy, and nuts.

You can get your daily dose of carbs from serving one portion of fruits. That leaves little room for fruit in a keto diet.

Sugar is a carbohydrate and counts toward the overall suggested intake on a keto diet,” Nisevich Bede, nutritionist says. So if you want to consume fruits during your keto diet, you should inform yourself properly which kind is best for your overall carb intake.

Fruits allowed in moderation in a keto diet


“Known for its good fats, this fruit has become a staple for keto dieters,” says Nisevich. Furthermore, it is high in fiber and it has 20 essential vitamins and minerals. Eat them as you please: in smoothies or with just a little seasoning.


This is a short reminder that tomatoes are fruits after all and they provide lots of potassium and vitamin C . You can eat them with avocado, in salads or associated with eggs, for example, omelets.


Raspberries are particularly high in fiber (6 grams per serving!) and low in sugar, so they’re the perfect fruit for keto dieters. Grab a handful when sweet cravings strike.


A decent source of fiber and potassium, strawberries are allowed in this kind of diet. Enjoy it with unsweetened whipped cream or in a salad.


“Low in calories and high in water content, watermelon is also rich in antioxidants and potassium,” says Nisevich Bede, who likes this refreshing melon after workouts.

Fruits you should avoid when you follow a keto diet


If you tried dieting before, this is no surprise for you: bananas are just too high in carbs to work in a keto diet, despite their high potassium content.


Although very tasty, pineapple is just too sweet and a no-go on keto. If you’re craving for tropical fruits, eat a shredded coconut instead.


Most nut butters are totally keto-friendly — unless you’re spreading them on an apple before chowing down. Though apples provide a solid 5 grams of fiber, they’re still too high in total carbs for keto.

Now you have your facts right and you won’t encounter problems when choosing the right fruits for your diet. Enjoy them and may you have the results you wish!

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