How to Improve Your Walking Strategies During Winter


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You may not feel like walking during winter when the temperatures are freezing. You would rather stay home and get comfortable. But you must find ways to boost your motivation and keep walking, as they are ways to adapt to all kind of conditions.

Replace long walks with short walks

Walking long distances during winter may discourage you. Consider breaking your long walks into short ones. You can have several short walks of 10-20 minutes that will be just as effective as your one long walk. When it’s really cold, your body will better tolerate manageable walks.

There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

This quote is surely familiar to you. What really matters is being comfortable and safe, that’s why find the perfect gear is an important step. Layering will help you keep warm, the right pair of shoes will help you run through the proposed distance and the accessories may help you keep your motivation.

Combine outdoor walking with indoor walking

Walking outdoor during cold days might soon become a chore if you don’t enjoy the process. That’s why mixing indoor to outdoor walking helps you keep your motivation through the week. Make your goal to walk outside 2-3 times a week and the rest of the days do your training inside. You will surely find great indoor alternatives, such as: treadmills or a walking workout video.

Mid-Day Outdoor Walks

If you don’t enjoy cold, avoid walking in the morning or in the evening. While these times of days are ideal for spring and summer, during winter you may find the mid-day as being a most appropriate choice. The sunshine will be your ally, it will keep you warm and give you a good mental mood.

Warming up can really help

Warm-up is important before any physical activity and a good warm-up indoors before walking outdoors will help you get a good blood flow and it will prepare your muscles and tendons. Also, you’ll feel the negative temperatures to be much friendly. Walk in place for 5 minutes and a couple of jumping jacks.

Your favorite music or a motivational audio book will keep you motivated

You might feel the need for a distraction during cold days. This way, you will focus less on how cold you are and more on your favorite music or a good motivational book. Music can help you walk faster and this way you won’t feel the cold. If you have an audio book that you listen to only when you walk, you may get even more motivated, because you will want to know what happens next.

Allow yourself a treat after you walk

After a long walk in the cold, you deserve a good treat. In addition to a new set of comfortable clothes and a cozy blanket, reward your efforts with a relaxing warm bath or a healthy treat like these energizing chocolate bars or your favorite fruit.

Do you like walking on a cold weather or do you prefer warm days? How do you keep yourself motivated during winter?

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