Keep Your Motivation Up While You do Your Home Workouts


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Home and outdoor workouts can quickly get stale although the novelty of exercising in a new environment, without any of the usual equipment, can be exciting at first — maybe even a fun challenge.

People are looking for ways to work out at home and outdoors now more than ever due to the fact that so many gyms and fitness studios are now closed across the globe. Exercising can help break up the day, energize you and provide a sense of normalcy if you feel like youțre in a good physical condition.

Here, tips on how to put boredom at rest when you’re exercising from home:

Try video workouts or streaming

When you’re social distancing, packed workout classes — even ones held outside with lots of space between exercisers — are out. Luckily, there are tons of streaming fitness studios and video workouts available online. You can even found video workouts held by trainers who are doing free workouts on their social media channels, so it’s worth checking your favorite fitness accounts to see what they’ve come up with. To keep things interesting, mix it up with different instructors and workout styles.

Track your progress and evolve regularly

I put No matter what type of workouts you’re doing at home, keep making things harder as you get fitter. Ben Gildenberg, certified strength and conditioning specialist and coach at New York Sports Science Lab says: “If you have already made significant progress in your routine, then it may be a good time to start progressing,”. You might add one extra circuit to your workout or go from incline pushups to regular pushups. “Make it varied and entertaining, and challenge yourself so you can keep the momentum going,” Gildenberg adds.

You deserve a reward

Jennifer Nagel, a fitness coach, affirms: “There’s nothing like creative incentives to breathe life into your workouts,”. So try to think of fun ways to reward yourself for “showing up” to your home workouts. “First, choose a series of simple, quantifiable goals, such as completing three 30-minute strength-training workouts this week,” Nagel suggests. Write them down, and put them in a jar. “Second, write down a series of rewards for completing your goals.” These could be anything that feels fun right now, maybe purchasing a new book or watching an episode of a TV show you’re trying not to binge-watch. “Each week, choose a new goal and incentive from each jar to make reaching your goals exciting.”

Think about adapting to a circuit

Circuits can work wonders for keeping things both quick and interesting and you should give them a try if you’re not already familiar with them. They can also help translate gym workouts to home workouts. Lisa M. Ranieri, a personal trainer affirms: “For example, take four or five exercises from your normal routine and do them back-to-back with no break in between,”. “Rest for 2 minutes and repeat 2 or 3 more times. Ideally, you should add both upper- and lower-body exercises so you get a quick and total-body workout.”

How do you keep your motivation up while you do your home workouts?

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