Working Out From Home – How to Get Started


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During these times in which you have to take social distancing into consideration, working out in a gym is almost impossible, so you need to adapt your fitness program and start a home fitness routine. Now, more than ever, you need a few pro tips so you can make the most of your at-home workout and build habits you can follow for the long term.

Find a place dedicated to exercise

You may consider yourself a lucky person if you have an empty room to put some weights and cardio equipment, but not many people have this kind of luck. Your dedicated workout space can simply be a mat on the ground or the floorspace that results from moving your coffee table in case you are living in a small apartment. Matthew Martin, a certified personal trainer affirms: “Your exercise space doesn’t have to be fancy or large,” “But it helps to have a specific spot you keep going back to. This signals your body and brain that it’s time to work out.”

Stick to a routine

The lack of time and motivation are the most common barriers to exercise. Another inconvenience when working from home is the fact that you don’t have a trainer to hold you accountable. You will have to be more rigorous and find a program that you will enjoy – it’s the only way you’ll stick to your home fitness routine. Focus on bodyweight moves and simple weight-training exercises if you like strength training. If you prefer cardio and have equipment at home, like a treadmill or bike, use them. It’s less important what you do and more important you get up and move regularly when you’re working out at home.

Good, healthy habits for a daily routine

You’re presented with countless options for working out when you go to the gym. When you do your training home, you’re presented with a computer, TV, bed, couch, fridge and other distractions. Rather than struggling to exercise after your day is over try to build your workout into your day

Try starting small with a goal to perform 20 pushups and 20 squats before you shower in the morning. Try expanding your workout to 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises if that goes well. Not a morning person? No problem, dedicate time at lunch to a quick workout or reward yourself with your favorite exercise video after your daily afternoon conference call. If you utilize the free time that naturally pops up throughout the day it doesn’t take a lot of time to perform a quality workout.

Buy some basic equipment

Martin affirms: “You don’t technically need anything except your own body to get in a good workout,” “Bodyweight work like pushups, planks, squats, lunges, and some cardio will help get you in shape.” 

The first thing you should buy is a mat. After that, think about some resistance bands. They are safe and effective and can be used anywhere, according to Martin.

Use the time spent at home wisely. Don’t overeat, find time to exercise and stick to a routine! We are here for daily inspiration!

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