New Years Resolutions That Are Better Than Losing Weight


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Forget about the scale with the constant frustrations that always makes you frustrated and unsatisfied. Those who are always frustrated by their weight are the people who will most likely yo-yo diet, say the studies. Separate yourself from the scale digits and focus on your general health instead. When we say health, we think about the health of the mind and body. Find your inspiration for new resolutions that won’t frustrate you on the long term.

Turn the negatives into positives

This affirmation works in our day by day life, not only in parenting. Instead of saying: I am giving up sweets, say “From now on, I will eat more healthy food.” Try to eat a lot of veggies and 2 meals of fruits. You won’t feel the need to eat something unhealthy. You can easily hit the mark by resolving to fill half your plate with veggies at each meal, plus have a piece of fruit with breakfast and one as a snack.

Go on Fitness Dates

Exercising by yourself can be really dull and in time you may get discouraged. We are aware that meeting up with friends involves drinks and tasty meals, but you can transform your dates into fitness dates. Instead of going to brunch, meet with your friends for a yoga, spinning or pilates class or invite them to a Saturday easy hike.

Set up a relaxing bedtime routine

Many busy people say they don’t have the necessary time to read, not even before the night sleep. This bedtime routine might help you sleep better and relax. A good books helps your body and mind relax and it prepares you for a the night sleep. Make reading one of 2020’s resolutions. The psychologists recommend to turn off our devices a least a half hour before we go to sleep and to read a book that relaxes us, and puts us in a mentally, calm space. A gratitude journal may give you a different perspective of the day and set a good mood.

Keep your time organized

You must find the power to say “no” to things that aren’t so important to you. The psychologist say:” It’s easy to fall into the fear of missing out trap and try to show to every dinner party and event. But, if you don’t want to go, don’t.” This advice works wonderfully on all aspects of your life. Stop overloading your timetable with things that don’t do you any pleasure. If you will find a way to say no respectfully, you will open yourself to new, more interesting opportunities.

Stay hydrated

Keep the water bottle near you and don’t forget to take a sip once in a while. There are all kind of apps that could remind you to stay hydrated.  Research in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics shows upping your water intake — even by small amounts — is associated with less saturated fat, sugar and sodium consumption.

In conclusion

Find better resolutions for 2020 and do your best to stick to them until the end of the year. The advice found in the article will surely help you.

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