Tips for Beginner Cyclists


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Cycling has long been considered a top activity for anyone looking to lose weight because it’s low-impact and burns tons of calories at a moderate workout intensity. You want to have a strategy — and you’ll need to be aware of the basics before you get started with a dedicated routine in order for this to happen.

We’ve selected some beginner tips for losing weight to stay safe, enjoy your workouts and start shedding pounds on the bike.

Make cycling fun

If you aren’t having fun you’re less likely to stick with cycling over the long run as with anything in life. It’s important to make sure you enjoy your rides as much as possible and be as consistent as possible. Here are some options that can help you have fun on the bike and make your workout routine seem less like a chore: pick scenic routes or trails that allow you to relieve stress and enjoy your ride. Riding with friends or family members, joining a like-minded cycling club or trying indoor rides on a virtual cycling program. Don’t forget, the more you ride the more calories you’ll burn.

Consume fewer calories by eating regularly

Skipping a meal to lose more weight will likely make your hunger pains difficult to ignore since you’ll be burning more calories when you ride. It’s best to stick to this routine to avoid the urge to snack and overindulge in case you eat 3 meals per day. The key is to eat fewer total calories than you normally consume.

A few easy ways to do this is to cut back on high-sugar foods and drinks, serve smaller portions (try fitting your meal on a small plate instead of a big one) and eat lean proteins like grilled chicken and fish for meals. Staying hydrated also helps curb hunger pangs and can factor into how long and hard you are able to ride.

Find a training partner that can support you in cycling

Having a training partner or two can help on those days when you’re feeling less motivated to get on the bike while you can certainly put in miles alone. An experienced training partner can also help you learn about the sport and give you tips and tricks to make your rides more enjoyable in addition to holding you accountable on early morning rides and providing encouragement when you need it. Here are ways a dedicated training partner can help drafting, cornering, how to shift and learning how to ride in-close-proximity to others.

Look into joining a local cycling club or inquire at your local bike shop for cycling groups that match your goals on the bike if don’t know anyone else who likes to ride.

Plan on incorporating short interval training sessions to increase your metabolism

It can be easy to fall into the trap of heading out for a ride without any sort of workout plan even for experienced cyclists. Mixing up the intensity of your workout is a key to any good exercise plan that’s primary focus is losing weight.

Two times per week, plan on incorporating short interval training sessions to increase your metabolism, burn more fat and boost your overall fitness. The best part is: Interval sessions don’t take much time to complete and can be done on the indoor trainer or out on the road.

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