Weight-Loss Tips to Use While You Stay At Home


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Social distancing means more time at home in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. No matter your daily program (working from home, taking care of your kids or reading the news fervently), these disruptions and uncertainties can make sticking to your weight-loss goals that much harder.

Kaitlin Beaver, a certified personal trainer based in Asheville, North Carolina affirms: “Stress, changes to your routine and more inactivity than usual are all factors to consider right now,”. “These are not easy times for most of us, so one of the best things you can do is be kind to yourself and try to stick with as much of a routine as possible.”

We know the situation we find ourselves these days is stressful, but we prepared several tips that could help you lose weight while you stay at home.

Be more understanding with yourself

Weight loss is more challenging when you’re not having access to your gym and you have to work from home in close proximity to the kitchen and it is natural to feel stressed out. Dr. Craig Primack, a weight-loss physician and president of the Obesity Medicine Association says: “Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone that increases cravings for high-calorie comfort foods and sleep deprivation can drive up hunger levels and lower your metabolism,”.

Adjust your mindset instead of trying to be a perfectionist (and getting down on yourself if you fail to reach your initial weight-loss goals). Beaver says: “Remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can under your current circumstances and try to be patient with your weight loss,”. Research shows self-compassion can help keep you on track for the long-haul.

Reconsider your goals

Rebecca Guterman, RD adds: “You have the power to use the extra time at home for good to jumpstart some healthy habits,”. You’ll have the chance to do the things you complained you missed a lot: maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook a new recipe, read more before bed or master a new workout move like a pushup or lunge. View this time as an opportunity to reflect inward and set new SMART goals, which can help your physical and mental health.

Be pro-active

“You have the power to use the extra time at home for good to jumpstart some healthy habits,” says Rebecca Guterman, RD. Embracing an action mindset can help you reframe things in a positive way instead of getting down about having to alter your regular routine. For example, try harnessing the power of visualization, which can help cement healthy habits if you’re not feeling motivated to do an at-home workout.

Kim Chronister, PsyD, a clinical psychologist based in California says: “Visualization is going to be especially important as you are embarking on a new routine that involves staying at home,”. “Before bed, imagine yourself going through tomorrow’s workout in your home. Close your eyes, imagine what time you’re working out, how your body feels before and after — really feel yourself in the workout while you are visualizing. You will be more likely to actually engage in the workout the next day.”

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